Inlake lakes water way   Temple Town Cabins Prior to 2016 Renovations


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Enjoy Boating, Fishing, Water Skiing, Sight Seeing or Just relaxing on Beautiful Mullett Lake

Cabin renovations began in early spring 2016, and were completed early July 2018. We now offer five beautifully renovated, adorable 2 bedroom cottages on beautiful Mullett Lake. Located at the mouth of the Indian River, boating the Inland waterways could not be easier or more convenient.


While boating on Mullett Lake and the inland lakes since the early 1990's Joe and Sandi Gelina had always talked about how fun it would be to own a little resort on such a beautiful body of water. When we would leave our cabins that we own on the Pigeon Bay, we would go past these cute little cabins just around the corner from our property. Being built in the early 1940's it was evident these little guys needed some updating and some TLC. I don't know how many times we pulled up close to the shore and said " Man it would be fun to own them and fix them up! " Of course when we first started admiring them in the early 2000's, we knew that the price was going to be WAY out of our means. And it was! And that was OK because we had our two adorable cabins on the Pigeon Bay that gave us so much pleasure! We had several family reunions there, many friends come to visit, and had wonderful neighbors that we became friends with. We really did not need anything else. But we could keep on dreaming of owning that little private resort that we talked about for years!

And then it happened! I went for a walk down Temple Road in October of 2015 and walked past the house and cabins that we had been admiring from the lake for so many years. And I happened to meet Alice who was the lady that her and her family owned this property. I introduced myself and asked her if it would be OK if I looked at the cabins. She said sure, go right ahead! So I called Joe and told him to come and meet me, and the story began! We had the vision just like we had when we found our first set of adorable cabins! Now we had the biggest decision of our lives to make! Do we take on another big project, or do we continue to ride by and say " Man it would be fun to own them and fix them up! "? After talking to Alice and Fred we decided to venture out one more time, and make this our retirement project. So here goes! Please wish us luck, as we may need it on this journey!

I am telling our story because I want people to know that it is NEVER too late to follow your dreams! No matter how big, or how small your dreams are, they can be reachable with determination and Stuborness (as I think helped make this dream a reality ;) So feel free to follow us along, and maybe some day you will decide to visit our little resort, and find out for yourself the peacefullness and tranquility of spending time on the water!


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lake view

1940s cabins

cabin back view